The MCerberus® MCB-800 Water Detection and Alert System provides immediate notification of water present in hard-to-reach locations and sends alerts to any internet-enabled device should the system detects a water event.

MCB-800B Water Sensor R2

Our System provides the following benefits:

  • Prevent Unnecessary Damages: Receive real-time alerts via SMS text or email.
  • Save Time and Resources: Automated system monitors and tracks conditions for you
  • Low Cost & Easy Installation:  The MCerberus® MCB-800 Water Detection and Alert System can be installed in about fifteen minutes.
  • Monitor From Anywhere: 24/7 access from anywhere via the Internet. Our iOS application is a free download.
  • Hardened, Robust Design: Designed with “Under the Hood” Automotive technology
  • Robust, Adaptive Embedded Code: Our System recognizes WiFi communication issues and automatically reboots

Finally, our System allows the User to tune the Water Detection sensitivity during installation. The sensitivity level may be set at three levels allowing the User to optimize the unit for the specific installation.